Your Face Kit
Your Face Kit
Your Face Kit
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Your Face Kit



    Set value: $112 AUD

    Set incudes: Compatibility Cleanser(F)A.C.E SerumUniversal Face Lotion

    Introducing a three-step kit that won’t get in the way of your busy day. The Compatibility Cleanser cleanses and rebalances all skin types. The (F)A.C.E Serum combines vitamins A, C and E for cell turnover, skin brightening and protection. And the Universal Face Lotion combats dullness and prevents dehydration with a featherlight, natural finish. Think all of the care with none of the fuss.

    HOW TO USE: Apply a pea-sized amount of Compatibility Cleanser onto a dry face and massage into skin for thirty seconds. Rinse with water to reveal clean, balanced and hydrated skin. Once dry, apply the (F)A.C.E Serum followed by the Universal Face Lotion.

    The Senses:

    Gently scented with zest to revive & brighten mood.

    Cardamom, Mandarin & Jasmine.

    Geranium, Nutmeg & Cedarwood.

    Fern, Vetiver & Cedarwood.
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